The Stewardship of God’s Grace

Recently I heard a conversation in church about how we can’t let our faith inform our politics, since faith belongs to the world of religion, not politics. Then I see in the news the cruel separation of children from parents by our government on our southern border; hundreds of children suffering trauma in detention camps. This is the ultimate result of politics uninformed by our faith.

The devotion for Friday, June 15th, 2018, (Christ in Our Home), speaks directly to this by asserting that:

- “Faith is not rolled out only when it is convenient to do so. The separation of faith from how we conduct our business or practice our politics is a false compartmentalization of faith to “spiritual” matters. There is no down time that excuses us from holding to the grace and ethics by which God shapes our discipleship. From morning through night, we are who we are - and we do what we do - by the grace of God and in the service of Christ. Let the whole of our lives celebrate and serve the one who graces us and all creation.”

Loving God, may the whole of my living resound with the grace notes of faith. Amen.

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