July 26, 2020

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Face Mask Update from the Stitchers!

May 2, 2020

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Music in the Lutheran Tradition

October 8, 2018

As the "original" Protestant denomination, the Lutheran Church naturally has a long, defined history from which it is easy to see on what our music, liturgy, and other beliefs, standards, and practices are based. 


From the beginning, we've been known as "The Singing Church"... in no small part because of Martin Luther's love of music, evidenced by his and unabashed passion for (as he did with the Holy Sacraments) breaking music free from the priests and sharing it with the congregation.  



In light of Reformation Sunday later this month, here are a couple of articles detailing the special relationship of music and the church of Martin Luther. 

- Balint Karosi, a brilliant composer and classical organist, wrote an article describing how many of the musical attributes of today's Lutheran church (including a musical Liturgy and congregational sining) are directly attributable to Martin Luther. It's well worth a read to discover why music has had such a primary position from the very beginning:
LINK: https://www.flc-boston.org/music-in-the-lutheran-tradition


- The Virtual Museum of Protestanism focuses on Luther as a musician, including his backfround and training, and how they influenced his use of music not only FOR worship... but AS worship:
Link: https://www.museeprotestant.org/en/notice/martin-luther-and-music/

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