Give "Good Gifts" this Christmas

ELCA Good Gifts are a creative, meaningful way to support the ministries of the ELCA that mean the most to you and your loved ones. These gifts are real examples from projects currently supported through ELCA churchwide ministries, including:

  • the ELCA Fund for Leaders,

  • ELCA Global Church Sponsorship,

  • ELCA New Congregations,

  • ELCA Vision for Mission,

  • ELCA World Hunger,

  • Disability Ministries...

  • and Lutheran Disaster Response.

The fundraising and administrative costs are kept to a minimum. More than 90 percent of your gifts directly support our programs; less than 10 percent is used for administration and fundraising. Because of ELCA's long-standing, local partnerships around the world, administrative costs of the "Good Gifts" program are significantly lower than other organizations. Here are some examples from just SOME of the categories of gifts you could purchase/donate for yourself, family, or friends:

  • Agriculture: Fruit Tree Seedling or Farming Tools

  • Animals: Chicks, Goat, Piglet, Cow, etc.

  • Water: Water Filter or a Share of a Water Well

  • Women and Children: Vaccinations for a child, school supplies, business "Microloan"

  • Disaster Response: Feed a refugee family for one week, Refugee Camp supplies

  • ... and many more

This picture shows our "Good Gifts" display in the Narthex, highlighting one of the most-popular segments of the program. The animals of "God’s Global Barnyard" are among some of the most popular gifts in the catalog. Your gifts to God’s Global Barnyard support the sustainable development ministries of ELCA World Hunger, which include training, education, resources (and much more) to help the community care for animals and create new market opportunities like starting a small business selling eggs, meat or dairy products.

Here are some of the "A gift was given in your name!" ornaments from which you can select. Our congregation has always leaned towards animals and items which build "self-sufficiency". You can choose individual animals (or a ready-to-grow barnyard full of animals AND training for the recipients!), or functional items like always-needed water filters, solar lanterns, latrines, etc.

There are also animal-related "A gift was given..." Christmas Cards:

Please stop by the "Good Gifts" display at your next visit to the church, and browse for a bit. Remember that unlike other presents or gifts which may be single-use, these items (like a starter fruit tree orchard) provide lasting health and economic benefits to the recipients.

You may also shop online at the ELCA "Good Gifts" website:

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