Walking to Jerusalem - Update

Well, now that we've been at this for a while, here's how we're doing: We have walked a cumulative total of 1,290 miles in 3 weeks! Congrats to all walkers, you're doing great! UMC Antioch, you have first prize for walking a total of 660 miles, with Saint Stephen's close second place of 630 miles walked. What will be the outcome at week 4? Only time will tell, but walkers... keep up the good work! (We'll update again when we get the numbers from St. Ignatius.)

It seems unlikely that we will get to Jerusalem by Easter Sunday, given that we have only 5 weeks left to walk the remainder of the 6,000 miles but that is no reason to give up! Let's keep on going and see how far walking in faith gets us.

We're realizing the health benefits of walking and likely sleeping soundly each night. The talks that you have when walking with a partner or even to yourself can often be significant. The mind clears away cobwebs and realizations that had been blocked become clear. Yes, there are numerous reasons that walking is good for us. Keep on walking! Let's see how far we can go.

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