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We're Back In The Sanctuary!

We celebrated the renovation to our narthex and worship space at the morning Worship Service today. The celebration began in Fellowship hall, followed by a procession into the Narthex where the above-pictured "Ceremonial Curtain-Cutting" took place. The congregation then entered the Sanctuary for the first time in two months, where we re-dedicated the space to the Glory of God.

We thank: - Vicky Hill, Dave McAlonan, Dennis Friedle, and Howard Geier who have formed the core of the restoration team that has handled the insurance claim and communicated with the contractor. - Ed Kasper and Pat Brill of B&E Electric who have restored our building, negotiated with the insurance company, and advocated for this project from start to finish.

- The Building Team for setting up our worship space each week in Fellowship Hall and John Cook’s technical expertise so we can all hear in there!

There are many more to thank and each and every member and visitor has blessed us through this time. We thank each and every one of you for your patience, your prayers, and your participation in the process as we grew as a congregation and in our faith in God’s provision through this unexpected turn of events for our congregation.

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