What is MY Dead Bulb?

One of the biggest benefits of attending church is the power of community. We worship in community, with one another, rather than worshipping all by ourselves. We support each other, and when we need support, it is there for us. We feel joy together: On Easter morning, cute kids sat in front of our congregation, opened colorful eggs and discovered NOT candy inside, but maybe an onion. Or maybe it was a plant bulb? Pr. Rebecca said that the kids could plant it, water it, and eventually see green coming up out of the soil. Eventually there would be beautiful flowers growing from one seemingly dead bulb.

What is MY dead bulb? What is in my life, waiting to awaken and sprout?

I don’t really know a lot about plants and gardening. I only know that I don’t want our church property to be a mess. I don’t like bugs, but I know that pollinators need homes in order for our food to grow. So I can buy a bee house at a home improvement store and hang it. “But I don’t want to help with the church gardening, because I have enough work to do at home.”

What is MY dead bulb, again? It is the Power of Community.

The Power of Community contains collective wisdom and borrowed motivation. I don’t have the strength to dig roots out of the ground, but a man sitting near me does. I can prune branches. I can teach my son how to prune branches. My son and I work together, talking about anything or listening to music. And when we have finished cutting down that ugly overgrown bush, the man can dig the roots out of the ground. We work together with this man, but on different days, at our convenience. We have power in community and we get to share ideas along the way. It turns out that the man who can dig the hole also knows of the best way to dispose of the bush’s branches at no cost. I am willing to bundle the longer branches together and put the smaller parts into a lawn bag.

Another woman has great ideas about how to beautify one patch of the church yard, but she needs my arms and hands to clear away the old ugly stuff. Then together we can turn it into a beautiful reality. I don’t need to know how to make things beautiful. I just follow her instructions.

Many things that need to be done at church are like this. They are manageable to do because of the Power of Community. Serving on the church Council, being an Usher, serving on Altar Guild, planning a party, all these things are easier because we don’t go it alone. We have the power of community. We have collective wisdom, we have borrowed motivation and we take turns. We can find our strengths in Service, and our personal “bulbs” can become beautiful flowers.

In Christ,

Melanie Fuhrmann for the Stewardship Team

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