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Coronavirus Impact: Mar 16, 2020

March 17, 2020

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Game Night: Building Peace through Building Relationships

February 8, 2020

We had a good turn-out of 22 members and friends for yesterday's "Game Night" . 

The evening started with an "Icebreaker" activity where a member would state something about themselves (what they liked, where they've been or grew up, things they do, etc). If another member matched that characteristic, they would come up, "link up" by joining arms, then share a fact to repeat the process. One by one we learned a lot about each other, as we gradually formed a chain which joined us all. 



Pastor Rebecca then spoke to the group about the theme of the evening, which should be something we try to do all the time: "Building Peace through Building Relationships". This was followed by a prayer. 



Once we were done learning about each other, it was time for the Potluck. (It's kinda "our thing"...) As always, we had a tasty spread of goodies with something for everyone. 



Finally it was time for some games! We had about two dozen games from which to chose so, just like the food, there was something for everyone. 

 The musically-inclined gravitated towards the "Spontuneous" game.


 The artists in the groups went for "Telestrations".