The Critical Importance of Church Choirs

This blog entry from the music-focused "Discover Worship" website highlights several of the reasons why "the care and feeding" of a church choir is essential to the worship experience... for the congregation members as well as the choristers themselves. The Lutheran Church has been known for centuries as "The Singing Church", something which goes all the way back to Martin Luther himself, who proclaimed:

“Next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise. The gift of language combined with the gift of song was given to man that he should proclaim the Word of God through Music.”

So yes, it's "in our DNA" to feature music in our services... LIVE music, music wherein we ourselves are the instruments, not as entertainment but as a type of worship itself.

Anyway, on to the feature:

"Is the verdict final? Are church choirs going the way of pay phones and Blockbuster video stores? The evidence seems pretty convincing. . .

From 1998 to 2012, 21% of evangelical churches and 40% of mainline churches stopped using choirs regularly in worship (according to the most recent National Congregational Study).

That said, of the 200,000 evangelical and mainline Protestant churches in North America, 35% of evangelical congregations and 37% of mainline churches continue to use choirs—a total of approximately 70,000 churches. That’s still a lot of folks who believe in the critical importance of church choir in their worship services.

As an attorney, I’m trained to prepare arguments and present evidence. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, here are seven reasons a choir can be vital to your church:"

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